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Psycho-Social Rehabilitation provides members with supportive opportunities to enhance social, interpersonal, vocational, and basic living skills with the goal of achieving maximum community integration.

Club Fellowship is based on the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. The clubhouse model is well- tested evidence- based recovery model that has been internationally proven to be highly effective.  For more information, please visit Club Fellowship’s website at

Community Employment Services provides members with the support needed to achieve vocational goals. Employment Unit staff assist with job skill assessment, development, placement and coaching, work- site accomodations and supportive follow through services. Additionally, staff work with employers to ensure that their business needs are addressed and that the worker is able to fulfill job duties.

Case Management provides coordination of necessary services as indicated on the member’s individualized service plan. Linkage is provided to services such as health care, psychiatric services, and vocational/ educational training. Advocacy is a key function of the program, as case managers strive to ensure an improvement in the individual’s quality of life while promoting autonomy.

Outpatient Services assists in obtaining quality mental health treatment and therapeutic services. Services include: consultation and evaluation, assessment, treatment plan review, individual, group and family therapy.

Community Housing offers continuum of residential settings ranging from supervised, transitional residential treatment to permanent supportive housing. Staff caters their support and service delivery to individual member needs and assists with skills associated with daily living, such as self- care skills and interpersonal communication.

FACT services are delivered by a group of multidisciplinary mental health professionals who work as a team and provide the majority of the treatment, rehabilitation, and support services clients need to achieve their goals. The approach is to emphasize relationship building and active involvement in assisting individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to make improvements in functioning, to better manage symptoms, to achieve individual goals, and maintain optimism.FACT services are individually tailored with each client and address the preferences in community locations to enable each client to find and live in their own residence and find and maintain work in community jobs rather than expecting the client to come to the program.

FMT (Forensic Multidisciplinary Team) provides a 24 hour a day, seven days per week, comprehensive approach to divert individuals from involvement in the criminal justice system as well as from commitment to Forensic State Mental Health Treatment Facilities (SMHTFs) and other residential forensic programs by providing community-based services and supports. The FMT serves individuals in the pre and post-adjudicatory phases.

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