Fellowship House Success Stories

We are proud of all of our members.
Please read on for some of our featured Fellowship House success stories.

Maria M.Maria M. has been a member of Fellowship House since April 2005. We believe she is one of our true Fellowship House Success Stories. She made the decision to attend voluntarily to interact more with her peers and increase her awareness of her illness. Since attending, Maria has participated in Fellowship House’s Discovery workshop. During her time she has increased her proficiency in English and learned to use a computer. “I enjoy writing poems and songs.” Maria feels that Fellowship House has helped her to become a happier person after being down for a long period. Her biggest achievement has been getting over her mental illness and interacting with friends and family. “My case manager and counselor were there to talk me through my concerns and help me develop a method that increases my independence, which makes me feel 100% better.”

Reginal S.Reginal S. has been a member of Fellowship House since 2009. He is currently in the Clerical II workshop and the Employment Services program. Reginal was just recently hired as Fellowship House’s Transportation Coordinator. When asked how he feels about his new position he briefly stated, “I love it.” While attending program Reginal also has found the time to return to school and is receiving help with his reading and math skills. He feels that, “Fellowship House has motivated, listened and worked with me during my time here. I have also found great peers to interact with, someone on my level who understands what I am going through so I am not alone.” Reginal is very confident that he will continue to excel and achieve his goals and feels that his story is a great motivator for others who are looking to overcome any illnesses or challenges within their lives. “Fellowship House will help you find your strong points and let them flourish.”

Jennifer O. has been attending Fellowship House for the past 12 years. During that time she has participated in Art and Discovery and Maintenance workshops. She is currently enrolled in Clerical I. Jennifer moved into her own independent apartment and actively participates in the meetings and working with her peers to create talent shows and writing about her experiences. “I enjoy working on inspirational writings that help to encourage others.” Jennifer feels that working along with her treatment team allows her to open up more and work harder to achieve her goals. She has in fact received several awards during her time at Fellowship House. Her greatest achievement was meeting the founder and board members of Fellowship House and being able to overcome her shyness and interact with them directly. When asked how she feels about the staff at Fellowship House, she stated, “I feel that they are very supportive and kind with their time. They are very understanding in explaining how coping skills are important.”

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